fabula nova crystallis.

new tale of the crystal

King is da man

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"it’s ok…you don’t have to do anything. i’ll take it all myself."

day of ragnarok

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ALSO NARUTO IS ENDING THIS YEAR so I decided to marathon everything right from the start of Part 1 ohmygod

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I finally found the time to customize my theme this time around. I actually just changed the images into Type-0, sorta like moving on to the next FNC title to look forward to! (Come on, we all know Type-0 HD is coming out before FFXV lmao)

I finished Type-0 twice over my vacation, and it’s such a fantastic game. The HD remake will definitely be phenomenal. 

Speaking of, now that I finally have a bit more free time, me and Francisco have started getting around in setting up the Type-0 news blog. As for the LR news blog, since the XIII series has finally come to a definite closure (sob) with the novella, we’ll be reporting on what we’re planning to do with it and the ask blog on a later time. 

As for me, I’ve been getting into new series from my backlog. I started Drakengard 3 last night and I’m excited to play more of it! I’m also playing the Ace Attorney games and they’re tons of fun. 

Sven also got me into watching Drag Race does anyone know any good Drag Race blogs

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Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence -tracer of memories-

It was their destiny, and theirs alone to decide. Free from fear of fate, gazing undaunted into the eye of death.

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how can we track the individual tags of class zero cries



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Alexander (Type-0).


this 2011 psp game is blowing my mind (x)